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Player owned ships that have captains with enough skill stars can be set to automatically find profitable transactions or to mine resources and sell them at nearby NPC stations. TheAutoTradeandAutoMinebehaviours are set as the Default Behaviour under the Behaviour menu. As opposed to an order, a behaviour is a permanent assignment for a ship until revoked. For AutoTrade and AutoMine the player must specify a whitelist of wares to trade before adjusting the leash range for how far to look for stations to buy and sell at. The ships will then be fully automated allowing the player to divert attention to other tasks. Use the Map hotkey to open a map of all the places the player and player owned ships have visited. The map will only show sectors that have already been visited and unexplored areas of space will appear as grey. Most stations will not be found in the same places each time we restart the game.

  • Fixed ships assigned to Trade for Build Storage using station manager account instead of construction account.
  • As opposed to an order, a behaviour is a permanent assignment for a ship until revoked.
  • As a result, you will have a complete list of all trade operations with live prices within that faction at all times.
  • The traded wares of individual stations will be shown next to the station.

That station variation has some constraints to support faction viability. Selected objects on the map can be targeted by the player ship using the Target Object In List hotkey. When zoomed in the map will show all the details seen on the ship radar including containers, missiles, asteroids, lock boxes, ships and station modules. The traded wares of individual stations will be shown next to the station. Modules of NPC station that have been scanned beaxy crypto exchange will be highlighted yellow on the map when selected under the Object List. As the player zooms out groups of stations will become clustered together in a box and their traded ware lists combined. Eventually all stations from groups of systems/sectors will become grouped together and individual ships will stop being represented on the view of the map. Station modules will only show when the player has obtained the blueprints for that module.

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Fixed not being able to autopilot to targets that are under construction. Fixed losing faction reputation from illegal station plots although licence was paid. Fixed exploit allowing additional equipment that is not available at ship’s current shipyard/wharf/equipment dock to be installed. Fixed autopilot aborting travel mode either too late or much too early. Fixed weapons firing into empty space if target bitcoin auto trading is large object. Fixed direct subordinates of player with assignment Attack not attacking unless themselves attacked. Fixed subordinate traders not respecting trade rule that is denying specific factions. Fixed Construction Vessels disengaging while modules are recycling before new build starts. Fixed Free Families granting police licences; players who have already purchased this licence will be reimbursed.
x4 foundations auto trading
Fixed fleets not being sorted by fleet name in Object List and Property Owned menus. Fixed discovering Jump Gate to Split space sometimes not triggering event cutscene. Fixed End of Terrorism mission in Split story getting stuck if story character was on ship bitcoin auto trading that was later destroyed. Fixed End of Oppression mission in Split story accepting multiple payments from player and not progressing. Fixed End of Oppression/End of Terrorism missions getting stuck at payment stage if ship NPC contact was on was destroyed.

X4: Foundations

Added mouse over info in Object Info menus showing full commander name if name is truncated. I don’t think you can tell low level pilots to autotrade at all anymore. The “high level default behavior” cheat also seems like something that will get patched away. As a result, you will have a complete list of all trade operations with live prices within that faction at all times. Before making a decision to buy Trade Offer Subscription in X4 Foundations, let’s first define what it is. TOS is a deal that a player with high level of reputation can make with one of the main factions. Actually, trading can be your main occupation in the vast universe of X4 Foundations, where you can create an entire trading fleet, which is capable of increasing your profits immensely. 5# The regular logbook report will now appear right after a trade has finished. 1# Added new conditions for a hailed ship to offer the “Auto Trade Menu” option. #1 Added a condition for autominers preventing them to harvest in enemy systems.

Encyclopaedia entries list key stats as well as the types of wares needed to produce/build the item. General information shows stats from the owner, current shield and hull values to the loadout and station modules. List of all known stations and ships within radar range of player owned assets within the viewed area of the map. As the map is zoomed out more objects will show until smaller ones start being filtered out by the micro to macro transition.
Fixed Update Trade Offers command not visiting all known stations when multiple such orders are queued. Fixed some cases of ships not flying correctly around capital ships, specially when docking. Fixed accidental friendly fire from turrets on player ship being treated as intentional. Fixed pirate ships not attacking NPC-owned ships that refuse to drop their cargo or comply with inspection protocols. Fixed NPC stations disabling some of their production modules indefinitely under rare circumstances. Improved “Work somewhere else for me” conversation to open map at employee’s location instead of player’s. Improved behaviour of combat ships attempting to disable capital ship.

X4 Mining Fleet

Behaviours will tell ships how to react to different situations, like pirate harassment or discovering a lockbox. They can be set for the whole fleet in the “Player Information” menu under the “Global Orders” tab, or on a per-ship basis in the ship’s info screen under the “Individual Instructions” tab. Fixed non-capital ships refusing to attack military capital ships and some stations at relations between -20 and -25. Fixed ships refusing explicitly given orders to trade with a station that is blacklisted.

The bar on the left of the category displays how many of the maximum number of modules of this category have been selected. Once in the ship ordering interface, select the desired size and model in the top bar. The next list offers default configurations for the ship, as well as custom ones previously saved. Fixed game generating two crash dumps per crash instead of one. Fixed ware transfer options in Interact menu not requiring pilots. Fixed incorrect trade rule or blacklist display/usage when assigned trade rule or blacklist is deleted. Fixed shuffle function in Station Build menu not updating list of modules. Fixed missing pre-selection of certain equipment entries in Encyclopedia when opened from Ship Configuration menu. Fixed inconsistent selection and highlight of shield and turret groups in Ship Modification menu.

X4 Foundations Tatertrader Mod

Removed ability to install unsuitable equipment mods for certain types of shields, weapons, turrets and ships. Added ship type icons to ship selection in Ship Configuration menu. @Axiom To level up pilots you could also buy a miner and have the newbie pilot auto-mine until they have they have the experience points to auto-trade. The latter seems like an oversight by the developers and will likely be patched out. The cost of satellites is much cheaper, but you need to manually deploy them around the stations of your interest. If you have a +10 reputation level with a certain faction, you can just land at that faction’s station and speak to any faction representative. The option to buy their faction’s TOS will appear automatically in the dialogue option.
x4 foundations auto trading
Fixed crews of mining ships not gaining experience when player not nearby during mining operations. Fixed stations sometimes creating trade offers with zero amounts for wares that are required for production. Fixed stations operating as pure trade stations only using fraction of their funds for buying wares. Improved presentation of player-owned ships on ventures in Property Owned menu. Added error message when attempting to trade with stations that do not have docking facilities for current ship. After a while, the ability to auto-trade throughout the galaxy would become available.

X4 Nividium Mining

Fixed Hatikvah story not always being re-offered when initial station was destroyed. Fixed getaway ship not being recalled from internal storage if it was stored away during Split storyline x4 foundations auto trading at Hall of Judgement. Fixed sector sunlight property not affecting Energy Cell production as intended. Fixed not being able to request docking at build storage when piloting capital ship.

Fixed ship capacity mods not being taken into account when adding missiles, countermeasures and deployables to ships. Fixed rare case of weapons firing under player control when player is no longer controlling ship. Fixed pilots and crews on venturing ships losing morale due to inactivity. Fixed turrets on ships repeatedly deploying and folding back when valid targets are in sight but not in range. Fixed build orders on player-piloted ship not processing on docking at shipyard under some circumstances. Fixed subordinate traders loading extra wares from their home base into storage even under conditions where they shouldn’t.
#1 Removed the ability to use highways as this has caused issues with ship not able to leave them. If you comm an autotrader then the “Auto Trade Menu” has two options “Stop AutoTrade” and “Auto Trade Setup”. AutoTrader if the ship has container storage then the captain becomes an Autotrader. in particular the setup options new with version 0.3, before you decide x4 foundations auto trading to install it. All Credit goes to Egosoft, to Bernd Lehahn and to the incredible Developer team for creating this awesome game. Those complex, expensive and exclusive extensions from X3 are all gone. The ability to do more complex trading routines depends only on pilot skill. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.

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