AVR Hack for Pre- outs. Had been simply wondering if it’s feasible to hack an AVR without pre-outs to produce preamp sign become given to an amplifier that is external.

AVR Hack for Pre- outs. Had been simply wondering if it’s feasible to hack an AVR without pre-outs to produce preamp sign become given to an amplifier that is external.

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Ended up being simply wondering in case it is feasible to hack an AVR without pre-outs to supply preamp sign become given to a outside amplifier. After some R& D came over the following 2-3 choices to accomplish it:

1. Surgery- open the AVR , discover the path that is signal preamp and amplifier board and solder a cable through the preamp FL, FR and ground off to an unused RCA port on the back of the AVR. Nonetheless thinking about the cost of an AVR it is hard for many people to utilize this method though it can be simply be done by FMs with some tinkering experience. The effect could be the identical to having pre-outs to an otherwise sealed AVR.

2. Utilize a higher level – Low amount converter: that is a thing that can be used in vehicle audio in order to connect a outside amp to a factory fitted automobile amp without pre amp outs. The converter essentially converts the wattage that is high signal to low wattage signal and that can be properly given to some other amplifier. Nonetheless i will be maybe not certain that this revolutionary product intended for automobile audio are capable of a wattage that is large originating from an AVR designed for center/ FL/FR (do not mind the usage technical terms such as for example wattage since I have do not are part of “that” industry)

3. Use a specialist converter such as Behringer DI 4000- for about INR 3,900 (for 1 channel) to about INR 9,000 (for 4 networks), this appears like an option that is viable. The only requirement will be compared to a XLR to RCA converter to feed the production into the RCA ins of a energy/ integrated amp.

Whenever we may use some of the 3 techniques above then there defintely won’t be a need to purchase high priced AVRs (with the exception of more stations). We could just include energy amps and run the show.

There isn’t most of material from the approach that is above. If some of you have got tried these methods or have reviews about what might work please inform me.


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Though i’ve never tried your concept, it seems interesting to incorporate pre-outs to an AVR (if it can be done).. Guess, it might need a talented individual to accomplish this (or) a person who knows electronic devices extremely well..

All the best, and keep us published on which you determine to do..

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Surely well well worth an attempt whether or not it’s your spare receiver sitting idle. If you don’t, safer to get an older marantz nr series with pre outs and begin enjoying the movies faster.


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Positively well worth an attempt whether it’s your extra receiver sitting idle. If you don’t, far better to get an older marantz nr series with pre outs and commence experiencing the movies faster.

The passive high to voltage that is low arrived yesterday. We connected it to your front kept and front right speaker outs regarding the Denon 2500H receiver. The outputs associated with converter had been attached to the RCA ins (CD) associated with the Rotel RA 10 amplifier. The leading Left and Front Right Speakers were attached to the Rotel’s FL and FR terminals. I disconnected all the speakers from the AVR to ensure that i really could do a little critical listening and comprehend distortions in noise if any.

We carefully switched on the AVR and also the Rotel with both dials (volume) at Nil and played a Vinyl by way of a TT attached to the Denon AVR. First I increased the Denon amount gradually to see then turned up the Rotel to about 9 o clock if there were any temperature spikes anywhere (heat) and. I happened to be amazed to be greeted by sweet music. No distortion- humming or hiss of every kind. There clearly was a small increase in low end plus some glow during the upper end. I happened to be astonished because of the bass since I experienced never ever heard my bookshelves create such bass before. Nonetheless it was not overpowering or fatiguing one other frequencies. I happened to be playing music really critically yesterday and checking conditions for the AVR, Rotel and a lot of notably the converter that is passive. The Rotel ended up being somewhat warm round the heatsinks plus the Denon ended up being starting to warm up somewhat. I ended up being playing music for nearly 2 hours yesterday from Jagjit Singh to Bob Dylan to Bollywood tracks streamed from Amazon music.

After 2 hours, the Rotel remained hot perhaps not hot. The AVR had been warmer but i suppose it was because of continuous 2 hrs usage and the converter ended up being because cool as being a cucumber.

Impressions regarding sound in basic:

1. Small uptick in low frequencies- which included favorably towards the experience. 2. Complete silence on hiss- hum 3. extremely wide soundstage- often going beyond your presenter width 4. Vocals were crystal clear- in fact in just one of the songs i really could feel Kumar Shanu operating away from breathing in the bottom end 5. Vocals seemed elevated through the other countries in the sound field and I suggest literally- focused but somewhat gaining in height- do not know should this be good or bad but sounded good.

Cons: 1. AVR continues to be utilizing the amp section (cant bypass this unless the AVR is opened by me and bypass the amp) 2. The sign is certainly going through 2 preamps- the Denon plus the Rotel. This can carry on unless we connect a charged energy amp.

I shall continue steadily to try this for a lengthier duration and then purchase a different one for the center channel

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